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Embed Into Products

Allow your brand to leave a lasting impression with your customers with interactables. Embed NFC chips into products to allow your brand to keep customers engaged.

Authenticate Products

Allow your customers to verify and authenticate products by digitizing the product and letting them store it in their wallet upon purchase. Verifiable publicly with the blockchain.

Viral Experience

Automate and streamline where your customers go on point of contact and create interactions with your customers they will share.


To get started download in any app store. After you have downloaded, please follow the steps below to start interacting with your customer using swop interactables!

Type Of Interactable

To start decide where you want you route your customer. It can be a loyalty points, digital collectibles or something simple like a link

Program and Embed

Next you just use the Swop app to program the NFC chip or proprietary dynamic QR and embed in the packaging or product.

Tap and Interact

Now your customers can have loyalty points in a tap or authenticate products with Swop interactables

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